Local Guide for Botswana Trip

All Things You Need to Pack For a Safari

After months of anticipation, your safari is just around the corner. Now, the time has come to figure out what essentials to pack for your adventure. So many decisions to make. Your excitement is high. Local Guide for Botswana Trip will help you in every way possible if you forget something. But why should you take that chance? Here is the list of things you should pack right ahead.

1. Essential Documents: Passports, itineraries, travel insurance docs, and e-tickets are top priorities.

2. Prescription Meds: Pack your prescription medications in your hand luggage along with an extra pair of glasses.

3. Sun Protection: Bring sunglasses, a hat, sunblock, and other essentials for outdoor protection.

4. Optics and Camera: Binoculars are crucial for wildlife viewing. Remember your camera or video recorder for capturing memories.

5. Clothes and Toiletries: Pack comfortable, neutral-coloured clothing for layering. Keep in mind weight restrictions for light aircraft flights. Remember essential toiletries.

6. Electronic Devices: Bring your phone, music device, tablet, or laptop with chargers and country-specific adaptor plugs.

7. Preventative Medications: Include meds for potential issues like diarrhea, headaches, insect repellent, and antimalarials.

8. Miscellaneous Items: Carry a good torch, a book, a travel diary, odds & ends like a hat or headlamp.

9. Hand Luggage: Keep it minimal with one carry-on item containing essential documents, medications, and a change of clothes.

10. Attitude: Remember your sense of humour, patience, and common sense. Avoid wearing camouflage, and keep expensive jewellery to a minimum.

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