Moremi Game Reserve Travel Package

Know The Differences: Game Reserve Vs National Park

Game reserves and national parks are unique places created to protect nature and preserve different plant and animal species. Furthermore, they offer chances for both wildlife conservation and tourism. Even though they have some similarities, they have some differences too. So, before deciding on your Moremi Game Reserve Travel Package, understand how they are run and the rules they follow. 


Game reserves are made to protect and preserve wildlife, giant mammals, and game species for activities like hunting, wildlife viewing, and ecological research. National parks, on the other hand, have a broader goal. They aim to safeguard various natural and cultural resources, including wildlife, plants, ecosystems, historical sites, and scenic landscapes, emphasizing non-consumptive uses like nature appreciation, education, and recreation.

Size and Boundaries

National parks are usually larger, covering extensive areas with diverse ecosystems, including mountains, forests, rivers, and deserts. Game reserves can be smaller and more localized, focusing on specific wildlife and habitats. Game reserves might be part of a more extensive national park or protected area.

Management and Regulations

Government agencies manage national parks with strict regulations on ecological integrity, resource protection, and visitor services. Game reserves may have different management, involving public or private entities, with specific rules regarding hunting, game drives, and wildlife management.

Guided Tours and Activities

Both offer guided tours, but the focus is on nature interpretation, education, and hikes in national parks. Game reserves focus more on wildlife viewing, including game drives, bush walks, and specialized activities like night drives or tracking specific animals.

Wildlife Management

Game reserves prioritize specific game species and ecosystem balance through controlled burning and anti-poaching efforts. National parks focus on overall ecosystem preservation and biodiversity without manipulating or actively hunting particular species.

Lodging Options

National parks offer a variety of lodging, including campgrounds, lodges, cabins, hotels, and backcountry camping areas. Game reserves may focus more on luxury lodges or tented camps for safari tourists.

Infrastructure and Facilities

National parks usually have better-developed infrastructure with visitor centers, paved roads, picnic areas, and restrooms. Game reserves may have more limited facilities with rugged roads and specialized wildlife viewing facilities.


National parks are generally more accessible, often closer to cities with well-maintained roads and public transportation. Game reserves, especially in remote areas, may require more effort to reach, with dirt roads or private transportation options. Some game reserves offer airstrips or private flights for easier access.

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