Private bespoke safaris in Botswana

Beginner’s Guide To Plan Your First Safari Trip

Safari trips include navigating and exploring wilds along its natural habitat, especially in Africa. It can be fun, exciting, and intriguing to witness the wilds with your own eyes while exploring the earthiness of the continent. Planning to organize a safari trip or choose private bespoke safaris in Botswana, but being a beginner, all the information available all around makes it confusing to decide where and how to begin. That is why we are here to make you a conclusive guide to pan your first big safari trip along the wilds of any African country:


Deciding how much time you can allot to be on the safari is most important. The longer the number of days are, the more the budget and planning should be. There will be at least three camps in three different areas to cover all the sights that are the main attraction. There will be an early morning game drive and a late afternoon drive to sufficiently look around for cheetahs, elephants, Serengeti, and leopards. 

Travel company 

You must choose the travel company that suits your outlook for the travel experience. You have to ensure they are experienced in their field of work and reputed to complete their assignment within the budget. For that, you can check online ratings and reviews of the company. Try to find companies who are expert in operating multiple camps, as they are already equipped to serve their clients with the most convenient and well-planned safari experience.

The animals

There are the big fives- lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, and cape buffalos- they make the most attractive out of all the things available to see there. Make sure you plan your trip around the areas where these are found. There was a great deal for hunters and gamers in ancient times, but now they can make for great sights to capture through your lens. As all these are found mostly in Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, and Tanzania, try to ask your travel company to plan the trip accordingly.   So, to plan your first safari trip, do your research and explore the plenty of options already available on the internet first to conclude what you want to experience. Then, you have our expert team of San and Nature to help you navigate your way through and make your first safari memorable.