Highlights of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the second-largest wildlife reserve worldwide, is the epitome of untamed beauty and remoteness. It tops the list of almost every adventure seeker to travel to this destination at least once in their lifetime to witness the beauty of wildness in abundance. The travel companies are tailoring the Central Kalahari Game Reserve Travel Package to cater to all travel enthusiasts. It is the hotspot that houses so many species of wildlife and greenery that has uniquely adapted to the harsh living conditions of the desert. Let us check out the major highlights to help you plan for the next Safari in Africa.  

The wildlife at Kalahari

The unique train of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve consists of salt pans, wooden grasslands, and even dunes, creating unique ecosystems in one region. During the season when it receives less rainfall, the waterholes scattered throughout the reserve attract a bounty of wildlife. It offers tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in spectacular viewing opportunities. 

This game reserve features the presence of the majestic Kalahari black-maned lion. They are adapted to survive in the harshness of the desert with limited water sources. To view the nocturnal wildlife in Central Kalahari, you can plan a camping experience with your tour company. There are opportunities to spot elusive leopards, brown hyenas,s and various species of owls and nightjars. 

The Deception Valley

This is another magnificence of Mother Nature. The valley is so named because a mirage sometimes makes it appear as an oasis from a distance when it is a bonedry salt pan. With the popularity it has gained amongst travelers, Deception Valley is now available to more visitors. You can go on camping safaris to extract the beauty of the location within your heart and mind.

When You Must Visit The Central Kalahari?

The stretch from January to April brings in the fish of greenery, water-filled pans, and a dramatic makeover in the landscape. 

This season is perfect for birdwatching; many migratory species augment the residential population. The visitors include rare and vibrant Crimson-breasted Shrike; they are known for their large communal nests, which they weave together, and are considered very friendly. 

The green season is excellent for going on some comfortable game dives and exploration.

Visiting the Central Kalahari Game Reserve will make you tick it off your bucket list and leave you with a constant hunger to plan more African Safaris. Whether you like to travel in groups or immerse in a luxurious bespoke experience, at San & Nature, we assure to assist you.