Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Central Kalahari Game Reserve: A Tour Guide and More

Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the second largest reserve globally. By far, it is the most remote location in South Africa reserved until now. It covers an area of almost 52000 square kilometers and is home to so many exquisite and regal animal populations. It is the dream of any adventure seeker and a great destination for the seasoned ones to explore the extreme wildness of nature. With its rising popularity, tour companies are developing bespoke and customized Central Kalahari Game Reserve Travel Package

The best time to visit

Unlike other safari destinations, the best time to visit the 

Central Kalahari Game Reserve is from January through April. It is the ‘green season’ in Botswana. The appealing valley becomes lush with abundant green, attracting hundreds of gemsbok and springbok. During this season, you can spot several ostriches and giraffes, a herd of wildebeest and majestic oes, cheetahs, and the famous Kalahari black-maned lions. Leopards and hyenas are native residents, too, but spotting them is a rare occurrence for visitors. 

More about the location

This remote game reserve is located in the middle of Botswana, a boondock in South Africa. It is set at the heart of the Kalahari desert, about two hundred kilometers south of Maun, the getaway to the Okavango Delta. 

The northern part of the adventure destination has dunes covered with grass ad vary of wild trees and shrubs. The central region is a flat bushveld dotted with thorny trees and low shrubs. Meanwhile, the southern part of the game reserve is more wooded. The flat plains have a sight to behold: the four fossil valleys formed from rivers that ran dry thousands of years ago. However, these wide valleys consist of salt pans stretching out stark white under the glistening big blue skies. 

Major highlights

You can hear the Black-maned Kalahari lions roaring at night. 

Deception Valley is named after its deceptive appearance, which looks like a water mirage from a distance when it is a dry salt pan. 

If you are a photography enthusiast, the wide-open, barren landscape offers exceptional photographic opportunities. 

To feed your stargazing and remote camping adventure fantasies, you can delve into otherworldly experiences offered extensively in the wilds of Kalahari.

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