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Best Places To Visit In Botswana

Botswana tops the list of any traveler who wants to go on a splendid safari filled with events of thrill and adventure. The country is a storehouse of so many incredible species of wildlife that tourists prefer to visit this country on the first go when planning a memorable African Safari. If you are a newbie, you can research the Walk Botswana Safari Package Cost to kickstart your planning for the upcoming Botswana trip. The diversity this country offers is enough to attract anybody interested in the outdoors, and here are our top picks to help you choose better.

  1. The Okavango Delta

This delta has a reputation as one of the world’s largest wildlife habitats. During the dry seasons of the year, the vast plains are flooded by the Okavango River, making it a favorite spot for the animals in search of water. This makes for an unbeatable opportunity for travelers to spot the traders of wildlife and bird species in their natural habitat. 

  • The Moremi Game Reserve

This game reserve is situated within the Okavango Delta, but its richness in natural species makes it a destination that deserves its spot. Set in the eastern and central part of the deltaic, it covers everything from lagoons to floodplains, waterways and forests, and the legendary Cjief’s Island.

It has an abundance of lions and other predators of the continent, is still home to adhered wild dogs, and more than 500 types of birds reside in the wilds of this reserve. 

  • Linyanti

Linyanti is a land of lagoons situated just by the northern border of the Okavango Delta. This place is often shadowed by its very famous neighboring spots, and a very small number of tourists tend to visit this spot. This makes it an excellent destination for those who want to experience the wilderness of Africa in its full bloom but with serenity and calm.

  • Chobe National park

The very famous spot attracts many tourists every year during all seasons. Chobe is located right at the northern edge of Botswana, near Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Here, you can spot the massive herds of elephants and buffalo on the banks of the Chobe River.

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