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Okwa was born and raised in the North Western part of Botswana, in the Okavango Delta. His passion for nature and dream of being a guide began at an early age spending his childhood days fishing and hunting with his father. They were using a mokoro to get from place to place. Okwa learnt to pole a mokoro along the waters of the delta at the tender age of eight years. He went on to secure himself a position at Wilderness Safaris in 1993 as a poler, something that he knew too well. Just three years later, he became a licenced, professional and full time guide. With the proof of producing excellent results, he secured himself a position in one of Botswana’s most prestigious safari camps, Mombo.

In 2000, Okwa was chosen as one of Botswana’s best guides and was offered an exposure course in South Africa, where he spent much time in the Kruger National Park and the Sabi Sands. He was later enrolled in Eco Training, a training institute for guides where he completed a number of invaluable courses, including Weapon Handling and Nature Walk training.

Okwa joined CC Africa, the now & Beyond safaris and continued producing excellent results. He advanced from being a guide to be the Assistant Operations Manager for Expeditions and Botswana Under Canvas. Okwa is now a fully accredited guide’s trainer and assessor as well as a freelance safari guide.