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Kane Motswana

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Kane Motswana is one of the most known and highly sought after guides and trackers in Africa. He grew up in a remote village in Northern Botswana and carries with him a knowledge that has been accumulated and passed down by the San Bushmen over thousands of years. Kane’s parents lived a nomadic lifestyle, moving from place to place in search of game and wild fruits. The much that he knows is what he has learnt from them. Over the years Kane has been building on this wealth of knowledge, and this along with his enchanting personality and his absolute passion for the bush has seen him to where he is today.

Awarded Botswana’s “Photographer of the Year”, Kane is just as passionate about photography and building an impressive collection of high quality images of African wildlife. He has exceptional intuition and applies traditional tracking skills to a very smart, unique, almost spiritual style to guiding. His San heritage is deeply engrained inside his every being and shows in the way he guides. It lives inside of him and he gives thanks every day to his ancestors who spiritually guide him on his safaris.

Bring Kane with you on safari for a truly once in a lifetime experience…