July Wild Walking Safari

July Wild Walking Safari

(Starting from 5th to 15th – “10 nights, 11 days”)

  • On the footsteps of the ancestors through the delta to Gudigwa
  • 4 nights wild walking
  • 2 nights mobile safari in the Depression
  • Full day on a boat through the heart of the Okavango Delta
  • 3 nights wild walking from NG12 to Gudigwa
  • 1 night Gudigwa, experience thrilling cultural song and dance performances
Bring your own pop up tent 55L/ 60 L /65L / 70L, sleeping bag, pop up mattress or roll mats, your choice of adventure foods details will be provided where to get them. bring your medication, torch, binoculars.
Bring 2 bags, your main walking back pack and resupply bag. Your resupply bags brought to you every after 2 days for you to have a refill for food or anything you need from your. Water will be provided during the refills.
Once you have sawn interest send your inquiry to res@sanandnature.com and you will be provided with additional information and including the costs.
Spot for 8 people only, you have to be fit, flexible, good listener, team player

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