Explore The The Most Diverse Wild Life With Safari At Chobe National Park

Chobe national park is situated in the northern Botswana inhabitants the most game of Africa. The park is the largest three national park in the country on the basis of size. Chobe national park is also the most biologically diverse part of the Botswana and the first built sanctuary in the country. The best way to explore the area is by camping Chobe National park Botswana and witnessing the real wildlife drama live. The area of the Chobe national park is divided into four economic districts. Starting from the Serondela area which covers the northeast part of the park has its own geography and wildlife inhabitants. The land basically features lush floodplains and dense woodland and other hardwoods which are generally reduced by the elephant herds.The Chobe river which flows through the northeast border of the park is the reason for the animal families present to this area.

The other parts of the parks are Savuti marsh, Linyanti marsh and dry hinterland which covers the best part of the Chobe National Park. The easiest way to explore the whole park is the camping at Chobe National Park. The camping will give you a closer look at the herd of elephants resting beside the families of giraffes and buffalos and Lions that waiting patiently to hunt down one of them.While camping all the travelers were taken to the park either by foot or by a vehicle along with proper safety. You will be given an all the necessary things and the crew with you will take care of setting up camp to providing the food on camping Chobe National Park Botswana.

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